The Future of Meat Is Coming to US Consumers

The future of meat is on its way to dinner tables in the U.S. Our team at Future Meat Technologies has been scouting locations for our first stateside production site, which will offer Americans a revolutionary new choice of sustainable protein and lay the groundwork for our nationwide expansion.

Our sights are set on facilities roughly the size of a brewery that are close to population centers. The footprint will be dramatically smaller than the complex network of industrial farms, slaughterhouses and factories that produce conventional meat. Through our breakthrough technology, Future Meat facilities will use animal cells to produce meat close to home without slaughtering any livestock. Our future cultivated meat facility will also bring great jobs to communities, from entry-level positions to competitive posts for PhDs.

“Our U.S. production facilities will enable consumers to enjoy Future Meat the same way they enjoy conventional meat, without the same ethical and environmental issues, and at a price that matches family budgets,” said CEO Nicole Johnson-Hoffman. “It won’t be real until it’s in the home or on menus, but with site selection underway, that time is coming soon.”

We aim to break ground on our first U.S. production site in 2022, and, in the meantime, are working with regulators to make sure Americans have full confidence in our finished products when they become commercially available. Future Meat plans to launch with cultivated chicken, first available at select restaurants and later at retailers nationwide. Our beef, pork and lamb products won’t be far behind.

The scouting is taking place against a backdrop of other developments that have been speeding us toward large-scale commercialization. Months after raising over $300 million in Series B funding, Future Meat expanded our executive leadership with world-class talent. We welcomed Chief Operating Officer Gustavo Burger, Chief Financial & Business Development Officer Moses Talbi, and Chief Administrative Officer Jennifer Henderson, who will also serve as our general counsel and corporate secretary. The trio brings decades of global leadership experience to our business and is already helping to propel us to the next phase of our journey.

Under our expanded leadership, we’ve ramped up our search for U.S. sites and are continuing to refine our current products and expand our offerings to include more cuts of chicken and additional species of cultivated meat. Our scientists and engineers at our headquarters in Israel are also working on refining our processes with the aim of lowering costs to our customers and consumers.

The innovations our team is developing have the power to fundamentally transform the way meat is produced for generations to come. They will all utilize our cutting-edge technology, which cultivates real cuts of meat in large cultivators from animal cells.

The recipes fine-tuned at our headquarters will quickly make their way to American plates once our U.S. facilities are up and running. We imagine one day providing consumers the choice of the best cultivated meat, with great taste, at an accessible price, and free from ethical baggage attached to conventional meat.

“There is a lot of heritage and tradition associated with meat and what we are doing is taking the very best of that and bringing it to consumers at a price they can afford and without any of the conventional sacrifices and compromises they might not feel good about,” Johnson-Hoffman said. “We truly believe this is the future, and it’s already here.”