Bringing Cultured Meat
to the Table

Delicious. Healthy. Sustainable.

The World's First Industrial Line for Cultured Meat

This facility makes scalable cell-based meat production a reality. The facility further supports Future Meat Technologies’ larger efforts to create a more sustainable future.

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Affordable, Healthy & Delicious Cultured Meat

Future Meat Technologies (FMT) is the first company in the industry to break a price record, producing cultured chicken breasts for only $3.90.

As our technology progresses with
scale, prices will continue to drop making cultured meat affordable worldwide.

At Future Meat, we have the power to rapidly scale non-GMO, sustainable, clean, cultured meat production by the year 2023.

Our cost-effective solutions drive us closer to price parity with traditional farmed meat, allowing us to secure a better future for coming generations.

Sustainable Cultured Meat Technology

Future Meat Technologies created lines of animal cells that grow forever without any genetic modifications. We removed the need to slaughter chickens, cows, lambs or pigs for the delicious food we eat, and made sure our products are uniquely GMO-free.

Our proprietary technology reaches yields that are 10-times higher than industrial standard due to our unique media rejuvenation process. Rejuvenation actively removes waste products using 50% less culture media while allowing animal cells to flourish. This results in a significantly lower capital investment and production cost. Meaning, our technology is uniquely scalable by design.


Rising to Meet the Challenge

Meat has been an integral part of our culture since the dawn of humanity. We crave meat, and celebrate it. However, meat production has become unsustainable. Animal agriculture utilizes over 80% of the world’s habitable land, 30% of our freshwater supply, and is a major driver for deforestation. Growing population and dietary changes are predicted to lead to scarcity and escalating prices.

Future Meat Technologies meets this challenge by advancing a cost-effective solution for cellular agriculture that is scalable and sustainable by design. Our slaughter-free meat does not compromise on nutritional value, aroma or flavor. We believe in a future in which our children eat the same food we enjoyed growing up.









Meet Our Management

Professor Yaakov Nahmias

Founder & CSO

Rom Kshuk


Dr. Moria Shimoni


Moses Talbi

CFO & Business Development

Liat Kaplan

VP Marketing & Growth

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Analytical Bio/Chemist

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