Future Meat Technologies
Brings Cultured Meat
to the Table

Israel’s Future Meat pulls forward timetable for reaching price parity with real poultry

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"Cultured meat technology is the Apollo program of the 21st century"

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Future Meat completes $26.75 million Series B to market chicken substitute

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"[FMT] Planning to get its products on plates in 2022 — or earlier"

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Reaching Price Parity Quickly

Future Meat Technologies (FMT) is redefining the cultured meat industry. We are the first company in the industry to break a price record, producing 110 grams of cultured chicken breasts for only $3.90. This is a tremendous step towards bringing cultured products to the consumer, especially since prices are expected to drop as we continue to optimize our technology.

At Future Meat, we have the power to scale non-GMO, sustainable, clean, cultured meat production by the year 2023.

Our cost-effective solutions drive us closer to price parity with traditional farmed meat. This is key to bringing cultured meat to the consumer’s table quickly and surely.

Sustainable Cultured Meat Technology

Future Meat Technologies’ unique process begins with obtaining animal cells just one time. Then by using our proprietary technology, our animal cells grow forever without genetic modification. This means that our products are uniquely GMO-free.

As these cultured cells continue to multiply, our patented-pending methods enable us to steadily grow them in suspension. This allows us to maximize our bioreactors’ volume capacity, which leads to a 40-fold increase in production yield.

Additionally, our unique media rejuvenation process enables us to use less feed media needed for biomass production, eliminate waste product, and replenish any nutrient residue that can be reused. This is how we are able to use only 50% of cell media, resulting in a significantly lower production cost, which demonstrate that our  technology is low in capital by design.

Our manufacturing process can allow us to alternate between production of chicken, lamb, pork, and beef in a matter of just a couple of weeks.


Rising to Meet the Challenge

Meat has been an integral part of our culture since the dawn of humanity. We crave meat, and celebrate it. However, meat production has become unsustainable. Animal agriculture utilizes over 80% of the world’s habitable land, 30% of our freshwater supply, and is a major driver for deforestation. Growing population and dietary changes are predicted to lead to scarcity and escalating prices.

Future Meat Technologies meets this challenge by advancing a cost-effective solution for cellular agriculture that is scalable and sustainable by design. Our no-kill meat does not compromise on nutritional value, aroma or flavor. We believe in a future in which our children eat the same food we enjoyed growing up.









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